How to Unlock Zandalari Trolls – Racials, Classes & Allied Race

Zandalari Troll is regarded as the most superstitious and powerful troll tribe. They came into prominence as the first set of trolls inhabited the area close to the Zandalari Mountains. While around the Zandalari Mountains, they built small shrines which turned out to become the temple city of Zuldazar.

Zandalari troll is a tribe of trolls that have a keen interest in knowledge. Furthermore, they consider troll history important and do all in their power to ensure that troll history is preserved. That’s not all Zandalari Troll is a tribe of trolls that have mastered the art of relating with spirits.

According to Zandalari history, Zandalari Troll moved around the world all in an attempt to bring trolls all over the world together. This, however, occurred after they were involved in conflicts with the Pandaren Empire and the aqir, and developed an alliance with the Mogu Empire, made the goblins their slaves and were involved in fights with Hakkar the Soulflayer.

What does Zandalari Troll Look Like?

Although no longer known to be skinny, Zandalari trolls used to be known for having a skinny appearance. At the moment, however, they are not so skinny. They have tanned skin and a bigger build. Their build at the moment is the best they have ever had. Although their tanned skin and bigger build have undergone some upgrade, it was this way until it was again upgraded in patch 5.2.0. In most recent times, Zandalari trolls have various colors. These colors include blue, black, green, and gray. They also have blue or yellow eyes that glow.

Just like jungle trolls have fur, Zandalari trolls do not have bare bodies. Their bodies are covered with fur. Also, they have patches which have a scaly appearance on various parts of their bodies such as their shins, ankles, feet, shoulders, back, chin, brows, forearms, hands, biceps, waist, thighs, and cheeks. While Zandalari trolls can have scaly patches on all the above-mentioned parts of their bodies, the exact part a scaly patch appears is a lot dependent on the Zandalari troll in particular.

Although most Zandalari trolls have patchy scales on various parts of their bodies, there are some Zandalari trolls that are completely smooth and have no scaly patches. Sometimes, the scaly patches on the bodies of lots of Zandalari trolls remain as scales. Other times, they grow from being just scales into spikes. While there is no certainty of what exactly these scales are, there is a huge possibility these scales are osteoderms. Zandalari trolls are not the only ones with osteoderms, a lot of dinosaurs also have some osteoderms.

Still on Zandalari troll appearance, among Zandalari trolls, the heel-toe is more prominent on the females than in the males. Also, while the heel toe is more prominent on Zandalari female trolls, among Zandalari dire trolls, the heel toe is especially prominent. Furthermore, sometimes, male Zandalari dire trolls wear rings, as well as other accessories on their heel toes.

All things being equal, male Zandalari trolls are taller than jungle trolls with up to a head. This sometimes is more. Furthermore, tall Zandalari trolls are not the only ones that are taller than jungle trolls, short Zandalari trolls are also taller than jungle trolls. This, however, might not be up to one head. Apart from dark trolls and ice trolls, female Zandalari trolls are taller that the male and female of other types of trolls. Apart from standing tall because of their body structure, the posture which can be traced to their proud and regal attitude is responsible for making Zandalari trolls stand tall.

The Zandalari trolls are considered to be the original troll species and, therefore, are regarded by other troll species to be the finest specie of trolls. Due to their attractive appearances, they are called “elves of trolls” by humans. While the history behind this name is not a bad one, Zandalari trolls are offended when they are called this.

Zandalari trolls are not just big and good looking, they are also incredibly strong. They have the ability to punch through breastplates which are padded with lacquered leather just with their thumb. They can also lift other Zandalari trolls and jungle trolls.

Zandalari Culture

The Zandalari Troll tribe is made up of fishers, craftsmen, and farmers. Although these peasants are the ones that get the jobs done, they act under the direction of the Zandalari elders. It is up to the Zandalari elders to tell the farmers what time to harvest and when to plant. This is as serious as it gets because any form of disobedience to the elders is disobedience to the gods. And when this happens, the offender might be exiled or might be killed. Unlike some other troll tribes that are not so strong, the Zandalari Troll tribe is known to have lots of strong people. Due to this, their warriors do not depend on any form of dexterity. They believe a lot in magic and force.

In Zandalari, the lifestyle of the average person is dictated by the Zandalari priests. The priests in Zandalari are known to be very skillful magicians and have the ability to communicate with spirits. That’s not all, it is believed that they are at their disposal knowledge that is worth fifteen millennia. While there are many scholars of the priesthood in the Zandalari society, these priests are of different hierarchies and the most senior of them are seated at the Zanchuli Council.

They play an important role in the Zandalari society as it is their duty to ensure that the commands of the king are executed and he is given the right advice. Before embarking on any battle, the Zanchuli Council has to be consulted. In addition to consulting the Zanchuli Council before any battle, the Zandalari society also has to consult with the Zanchuli Council before a decision is made. Although very highly placed, the Zanchuli Council answers to the great King Rastakhan, a ruler who is the voice of the gods and has been on the throne for over two centuries.

The Zandalari society is not free from orphaned children. Casteless orphans that are a part of this society are checked and those that have the blessings of the loa are trained as priests. Also, they receive every privilege and honor that is associated with the priesthood in Zandalari society. Those without the loa blessing cannot become priests so they receive the privilege to train as warriors. If a casteless orphan fails the loa test, as well as the test of becoming a warrior, they are considered useless and might become beggars or thieves.

In Zandalari Troll, warriors are not the only ones that have to be very strong, farmers should also prove they have a good degree of strength. To prove their strength and hence their eligibility to farm, Zandalari farmers have to go through the “rock test”. This test might not be very complicated. But it is one that not everyone that pulls through. The “rock test” involves carrying heavy stones on the head. The ability to get this done proves that one has a strong back. After going through the rock test everyone that wants to become a farmer in Zandalari has to spend some time moving plow.

While being a warrior and a farmer in Zandalari requires a great deal of strength. Even those that do not make it through the tests that they have to go through before become warriors or farmers are not allowed to show weakness. If you must attain any level of success in Zandalari, you have to show a great deal of power, stamina, ferocity, and strength. In Zandalari, the only people that may not prove their physical strengths are those that have been chosen to be priests.

Apart from this group of people, every other adolescent in Zandalari must show the gods, the king, and the priests that they are strong. There is no chosen way to do this. It can be done by displaying physical ability in any way. Since adolescents need to prove their strengths, they have to take part in competitions and tournaments organized by the Zandalari tribe. These competitions have to be prepared for. Due to this, adolescents spend a lot of time communing with spirits and training so that they are ready when it’s finally time for the competition.

In addition to training and communing with the gods, adolescents tattoo sigils of power on their skin. Apart from taking part in various competitions, adolescents also prove how strong they are by moving to a part of the community that is ruled by beasts. In this part of the community, they have to overcome a beast before returning.

In Zandalari culture, there are many symbols of power, the most relevant of these symbols is the garb the Zandalari trolls wear when at war.

The Zandalari trolls are not just fierce in land battles, they are also fierce when fighting at sea. The simple reason for this is Zandalari is an island.

 Zandalari Faith and Worship

The Zandalari troll tribe is one of the most superstitious tribes among the trolls. This implies that they are not a faithless people. They worship loa; beings which they regard as gods. While a lot of loa are weak, some of them are really powerful. Some loa are shaped like animals, while some others have no shape. Since the loa in Zandalari are of different hierarchies, the most powerful loa is worshiped by the Zandalari nation.

Other loa are worshipped by cities and families. The type of worship, as well as the number of people that worship a loa are dependent on what hierarchy the loa occupies. While loa are gods worshiped by people of the Zandalari tribe, when powerful people in the Zandalari troll tribe die, it is believed that they become loa.

Zandalar, which is the homeland of the Zandalari troll tribe is one reason the Zandalari worship loa. Zandalar was a mountain range and housed many loa. Due to the number of loa in Zandalar, a series of shrines were built which ended up become the temple city. Although Zandalar used to be a mountain range, the aftermath of the Great Sundering has made it an island in the South Seas.

Zandalari Slavery

Slavery is not a common thing in Zandalari. This is because everyone in Zandalari is strong and can carry out their own activities by themselves. When the Zandalari trolls see slaves in their society, they feel insulted. They consider those that make use of slaves to get their jobs done as weak people. This is one reason they consider themselves to be superior to the mogu. The mogu made use of slaves in building their empire.

Zandalari Magic

Magic is a major part of Zandalari culture and general existence. The Zandalari Troll racials that are not skilled in the use of magic learns to make use of it rapidly. The average Zandalari troll has mastered the use of magic. They have also learnt to commune with spirits without struggling. This is one reason they exhibit powerful magic at will.

In addition to knowing how to use magic efficiently, the Zandalari have mastery over spirits. Due to this, they have the ability to capture spirits. That’s not all. They also have the ability to direct a loa’s spirit’s essence to form. Since they have the ability to bind spirits within sentries and golems, they can also retrieve already bound spirits. They do this with the use of totems.

The Zandalari Troll does not only make use of magic in attacking their enemies, but they also use magic to defend themselves. They have been able to make use of magic in erecting a shield over the Well of Eternity, as well as over the lands which are a part of their empire. The use of magic in defending themselves is one of the reasons they are now an island. They were not always an island but when the world was consumed by water, their land was untouched.


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