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Trolls, also known as trollkind are a multiple sapient race. They are located in various parts of the world and are known to be at least seven feet tall. Also, they weigh two hundred pounds averagely. Although most trolls are about seven feet, the Zandalari and Drakkari trolls are a break from this norm as they are bigger than most other trolls.

All things being equal, trolls are only loyal to their tribes. They have no loyalty for trolls that are from other tribes. The loyalty of trolls just to their own tribes does not involve the Shatterspear tribe, the Revantusk tribe, and the Darkspear tribe. Darkspear play a major role in World of Warcraft. While Darkspear trolls are known to be the smallest as well as the weakest rolls, they are very important and respected by other troll tribes. The reason for this is they are very intelligent. Also, they have the ability to grow bigger than other trolls expect.

Characteristics of Trolls

Trolls are a muscular, lanky and tall set of creatures. They have features which can be attributed to orcs and elves. Some of these features are their long ears and their fangs. Furthermore, they possess strong legs, sharp reflexes, and long arms. These physical attributes play a major role in their ability to hunt very effectively. On their hands, trolls have a thumb and two fingers. Also, on their fee, there are just two toes. Unlike other creatures which need boots, trolls have no need for boots as their feet are adapted to moving around various rough terrains very comfortably. Also, their feet have irregular shapes and will not fit into regular shoes.

Some thousands of years ago, forest trolls underwent mutation. Due to this, their bodies have the ability to provide some support to plant life. Forest trolls are green in color because just after being born, a layer of moss develops on their skin. Unlike forest trolls, jungle trolls have a gray or purple appearance because of the presence of sort fur on their skin.

If trolls go through so much physical damage, they will die. They, however, have the ability to grow a limb after it gets damaged or lost. Furthermore, their bodies can get healed after they suffer various forms of physical injuries. This ability comes into play during battles. Their reputation for being able to regenerate their lost body parts is one reason alchemical mixtures which help other races undergo a regeneration of their body are called “troll’s blood potion”. Although this is the norm, these mixtures actually do not actually contain troll blood even in the least concentration.

Troll History

A long time ago, trolls were in charge of a large section of Kalimdor. At that time, Kalimdor was just one continent. Also, at the beginning of times, the only trolls which existed were the Zandalarians. Other troll tribes emanated from the Zandalari toll tribe.

As time passed, there was the emergence of two different troll empires. These empires were the Gurubashi Empire which occupied the Southeastern jungles and the Amani Empire which occupied the middle forestlands. Apart from the empires that emerged, there were other tribes which occupied lands in a place which is now known as Northrend. Together, these tribes established Zul’Drak, a prosperous nation. This nation, however, was never as successful as any of the empires in the south.

Although the Amani and Gurubashi empires did not like each other, this dislike did not lead to many wars. The reason for this was the existence of the civilization of Azj’Aqir which was an enemy empire that the Amani and the Gurubashi empires had in common. It was important that the two southern empires came together to battle the civilization of Azj’Aqir as this third empire was interested in taking out all other forms of life in Kalimdor.

Since the insectoids were a common enemy, the trolls battled them for many millenniums. They, however, could not truly defeat them. While the trolls did not really defeat the aqiri, they were successfully able to make the aqiri leave their environment and look for safe havens far away.

Troll Wars

Since the emergence of the lands of Warcraft, a lot of wars have taken place. However, of all these wars, the war between the high elves and the forest trolls is regarded as one of the oldest. This war began after high elves established their kingdom on grounds which the trolls considered to be sacred. While the sounds of war were already on, there was no war for a very long time. The reason for this was elven magic which a lot of troll warbands were scared of.

As the war went on, it appeared the trolls were at a brink of overcoming the high elves. This, however, never came to materialization because of the intervention of humans. With the use of fire magic, the high elves, alongside the humans did not let the trolls successfully regenerate the physical injuries that they suffered in the course of the war. This action made the troll army to make attempts at fleeing. These attempts, however, were not successful as a lot of trolls died in the course of the war.

Troll Culture

Trolls are hostile. Hence, they live an isolated life. With the exception of a few troll tribes, most trolls have no business with a lot of common languages. While trolls are generally known to be hostile towards other creatures, there are certain troll tribes which exhibit hostility towards other troll tribes. These troll tribes include coastal trolls and wild jungle trolls.

Due to a high level of hostility that lots of trolls exhibit, once they see a WOW troll from a tribe other than theirs, the first thing they do is attack. While this is a normal thing among most trolls, there are some exceptions. These exceptions are the Darkspear troll tribe.

Troll Language

Although not all trolls speak Zandali, most do. While a lot of trolls originally spoke Zandali, some of them no longer do because of isolation.


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