What is My Vidster? www.MyVidster.com

In case you have not heard about the website MyVidster, it is considered to be a social video bookmarking site that also has a backup service and allows all of its users to either collect videos, share their own videos, search for a specific type of video, and even explore the different videos and other media that the site has.  While MyVidster is owned by an individual who goes by the name, Marques Gunter, his site, MyVidster was being sued for potential copyright violations.  

The courts would eventually rule that the owner of MyVidster, Gunter, was not liable for any of the content that was uploaded to his site that may have violated copyright laws when it was originally uploaded, shared and embedded by the user.  However, later in the court of appeals, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois would decide to reverse the originally ruling, as they claimed that Gunter did indeed have sufficient knowledge that there were copyrighted videos being uploaded to his site and that he did nothing to stop it from happening.  

Gunter would catch a break, however, as the court would also rule that since MyVidster did not actually store the videos on any of their servers, they were not directly liable for any of the copyright violations that were happening on the site.  On top of that, they were found to not be liable at all as no evidence of any type of conduct by MyVidster helped to increase the infringement that was happening.

Due to these allegations of violating the law, MyVidster’s name was slandered and dragged through the mud a little, which in turn made many people start to question whether or not the site was a reputable one and questions whether or not they could trust it.

Now factor in that there are tons of other similar types of sites available online that allow you to upload and share your videos, as soon as a site gets any type of negative reputation, it is almost impossible for them to make any type of comeback.  While it can be done, it is not easy. But as far as MyVidster goes as a website and whether or not it is safe for you to use, the answer would be yes, it is safe for you to use.

The only reason why they had gotten into any trouble in the first place was because some of the users started to upload copyrighted adult content, which the company that produced the films originally did not give them permission to upload or share.  Because of this, they had no option but to try and recoup any and all the money that they had lost. Hence, they then sued the site that the videos were uploaded too, that site being MyVidster, which had no part in the entire process.

But yes, MyVidster is safe for you to use and explore to find and discover new videos and other types of media.


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