You Gotta Pay the Troll Toll – Nightman Cometh Always Sunny

Troll Toll was written by Charlie Kelly for The Nightman Cometh. Although written by Charlie Kelly, this song was performed by Frank Reynolds, Mac, and Dennis Reynolds. While this song is like every other song, it creates a buzz for no reason because of the mistake Frank made during rehearsals, as well as on stage.

While rehearsing to perform the Troll Toll song, Frank keeps making the mistake of saying “hole” instead of “soul”. Due to this, instead of singing “You gotta pay the Troll toll/If you wanna get into that boy’s soul”, he kept singing ‘You gotta pay the Troll toll/If you wanna get into that boy’s hole”. Although the songwriter, Charlie Kelly tries correcting him during rehearsals, it appears he made the same mistake even while singing on the show.

About The Nightman Cometh

“The Nightman Cometh” is one of the episodes in the fourth season of its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It was directed by Matt Shakman and written by Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, and Glenn Howerton. In this episode, there is a rock opera. Due to its musical content, “The Nightman Cometh” which was originally written to be the last episode in a series was made into a stage musical.

After being adapted to a stage musical, the songs in “The Night Cometh” were still performed by the cast in the series. All songs in this series including the Troll Toll song were performed in various cities. These cities are Seattle, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

Although the stage adaptation of “The Nightman Cometh contains everything in the already aired episode, it contains the content of the aired version and even more. It can best be described as an expanded version of the already aired version of The Nightman Cometh. In the stage version, there are extra scenes. Also, the Troll Toll song is extended.

The Plot of the Nightman Cometh

In this series, Charlie tells the gang about the musical he wrote. While Mac and Dennis ask Charlie questions about what motivated him to write a musical, they finally decide to take up the roles that Charlie already designed for them.

With assistance from Artemis, Charlie is able to successfully write out the scripts into words. After this is done, members of the gang decide on the best part for every one of them. While Dennis ends up taking up the role of The Dayman, it was Mac’s initial desire. Dee also plays the role of the princess while Frank takes on the role of the troll. 

While rehearsing the song and preparing for the show, Dee is not sure what the song is all about and it is a source of concern for her.

When the time to finally perform arrives, there is an ad-lib from Dee. This ad-lib is an indication that Dee has no interest in children. Due to this, there is a mild drama. While this in itself is enough trouble for one day. As if the drama is not enough, when Mac makes it to the stage as Nightman, he gets laughs. This is a major distraction. The stage performance, however, goes on to completion.


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