OSRS Troll Romance Quest Guide

This is a quest that is centered on troll love. It is about Ug’s love for Aga. It begins with a conversation with Ug which takes place at the Troll Stronghold. And is a quest for experienced players. In Troll romance, there is a major challenge. This challenge is Aga, a troll that Ug loves is with another troll, Arrg. Now, Ug is not as strong as Arrg. Due to this, the traditional ritual surrounding mating which is about tearing an opponent apart does not favor Ug. Since Ug is not as strong as Arrg, what are his chances of impressing Aga without a display of brute strength? Also, what is the likelihood that you will be able to help Ug win Aga’s love?

How to find Ug

To locate Ug, you will need to find your way into the stronghold. Getting into the stronghold is not a walkover. To do this, you can either decide to keep walking until you arrive at the mountains’’ western entrance or make use of the Trollheim Teleport. Once at the location of the Trollheim Teleport, get to the south/west path.

The next stage involves finding your way past a number of trolls. Once you are able to do this, you have to take a turn which is located at the northwestern axis of the region. Once you find yourself in the stronghold, make use of the stairs which is located at the corridor’s northern axis. As soon as you find your way to the end, make use of the southern corridor then make use of the door that leads to the west when you arrive at the end of the southern corridor. You will locate Ug at the southern axis of the chamber.

You will need to walk northeast from the location of the teleport towards the shortcut and get into the stronghold if you are making use of the fairy ring or the slayer rings. To make use of this route, you will need a pair of climbing boots. Once in the stronghold, move northwards, along the corridor and climb up the flight of stairs located at the northeastern corner. At the top of the flight of stairs, move towards the south with the use of corridors and continue towards the west.

Once you do all these, you will find Ug at the southern axis of the chamber. As soon as you find him, you should go on and have a conversation with him. Through this conversation, you will discover that he loves Aga, who loves another troll. After having a conversation with Ug, you will need to move northwards to have a conversation with Aga.

Through the conversation with Aga, you will find out that she is a romantic troll. And as a romantic troll that she is, she expects anyone in love with her to offer her trollweiss. After talking with Aga, your next move will be to have a conversation with Arrg. Through this conversation, you will find out that He is not exactly in love with Aga. Also, you will find out that he has no idea of the location of trollweiss. Since Arrg does not know where trollweiss are located, Ug has an advantage. All he needs to do is find where trollweiss are located. This way, he will be able to make Aga fall in love with him.


This is the point where you go back to Ug and have a conversation with him. In this conversation, he will let you know that Trollweis can be located by anyone that has lived in the mountains their entire life. The person that fits this particular description is Tenzing. Tenzing resides on the path between Burthorep and the stronghold. Also, he sells boots. So, you can teleport to Burthorpe with the use of the Minigame Group Finder or the game necklace. Once you get to this location, move towards the west and continue northwest. When at the wounded soldier, move southwest on the mountain path. This way, you will be able to locate Tenzing’s hut.

Once you visit Tenzing, he will tell you where the trollweiss is. The trollweiss is located in the ice troll. Due to its location, for it to be accessed, there is a special method.  That’s not all. He goes on to make it known that for the plateau to be accessed, a sled will be needed. And to make a sled, you will need to meet with Dunstan.

Meeting with Dunstan

To locate Dunstan, you will need to head back to Burthorpe as he is the Burthorpe smith. To get to Burthorpe, you will have to make use of a Minigame Group Finder or a games necklace. At Burthorpe, you will have to head northeast as this will help you find Dunstan. Once you meet Dunstan, have a conversation with him and get him to make a sled. To make this possible, you will need to make materials available. These materials include an iron bar, a rope, and yew logs or maple. Dunstan will also suggest that the sled is waxed before going ahead to make use of it in the mountain snow.

To wax the sled, make use of a swamp tar and a wax bucket to move wax into the cake tin in your possession. After waxing the sled, you will have to go to the mountain where you will get Trollweiss.

The Battle with Arrg

To win Aga’s love, you will need to get her Trollweiss and also engage Arrg in a fight. So, after getting Trollweiss, head to Arrg’s position and get ready for a fight. Once you locate Arrg, you will need to have a conversation with him. In the course of the conversation, he will discover that you have come to kill him and that will be the beginning of a fight. 

For the quest to come to an end, you will need to kill Arrg. After killing him, you have to go back to where Ug is and make him know Arrg is dead. Hope you enjoyed the Troll Romance OSRS guide.


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