The Troll Cross Meaning – TrollKors Symbol Pendant

A long time ago it was generally believed by Scandinavians that crosses and iron could keep people protected from elves, trolls, and a lot of other evil creatures. One symbol that developed from this belief is the Troll Cross, a symbol which for a long time was associated with the Nazis.

What is a Troll Cross?

A Troll Cross, also known as a trollkors is a metallic symbol that a lot of people believe can keep them safe from evil magic. While a Troll Cross can ward off various forms of magic, it is especially believed that it can keep evil trolls away.

The Troll Cross has been around for quite a long time. But, there is are no real archeological prove that the Troll Cross can be located in Norse Graves. The first time a Troll Cross was seen was after a Swedish smith made one. This occurred in the 1990s. After it was created by a Swedish smith, it was converted to a piece of jewelry by Kari Erlands. This was after she discovered it in the home of her grandparents.

The Troll Cross has a striking resemblance with Othala rune or the Odal. There is, therefore, a huge likelihood that what Kari Erlands found in the home of her grandparents was either an Othala rune or an Odal. Although an Othala rune or Odal might not mean much to people that live in contemporary times, in the past, it was used to denote inheritance. Kari claimed that she found this symbol in her grandparents’ barn.

This holds a lot of credibilities as it was a common practice in their time to put Troll Crosses very close to the habitations of cows so they could be protected from trolls. While this report seems to hold water, it is yet to be verified. Due to its lack of verification, there has been a lot of skeptics among folklorists as regards this report. That, however, is not the only reason it has not been fully believed by people in contemporary times.

Troll Cross Bears Similarities with the Nazi Symbol

The Troll Cross might be regarded as a symbol for protecting people against trolls. There is, however, more to it. The Othala rune, which has striking similarities to the Troll Cross was the Nazi symbol which was popular during the Second World War. While the Othala tune was associated with the Nazis during the Second World War, its use did not end with the war. After the war ended, other groups which were sympathetic to the Nazis picked it up. These groups were known as Neo-Nazi.

While the Troll Cross might be associated with neo-Nazi groups, there are other groups which are not neo-Nazi that are also associated with the Troll Cross. So, if you decide to make use of the Troll Cross, you won’t necessarily be associated with any neo-Nazi group. One of the many groups which makes use of the Othala rune as a symbol but has no relationship with neo-Nazism is Astaru. This is a religious group that makes use of various types of Othala runes. These are the footed, as well as the unfooted runes.


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