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Troll is a gaming enterprise that has been in existence for about 25 years. It is a hub for virtually everything related to games. Think of the type of game, and you are certain you can always get it at Troll and Toad. As a gaming business, Troll and Toad is not stagnant with the services it offers its clients, there is always an improvement with what clients can get from Troll and Toad. This is possible because beyond being a hub for games, Troll and Toad is run by game lovers and not just people looking to make money from the gaming industry. The fact that the management at Troll and Toad is interested not just in marketing games but also in playing games, Troll and Toad has been able to stand out from the other firms in this industry.

Troll and Toad is not just a hub that sells and buys games, it is unarguably one of the best in the gaming industry. In addition to having gamers as a major part of its workforce, Troll and Toad gets loads of orders due to the quality it provides.

Great Shipping

Beyond making the best of games available to those that want them, Troll and Toad makes shipping of games really easy. When goods are bought at Troll and Toad, you can be certain to get effective and rapid shipping. Also, shipping games bought at Troll and Toad does not cost much. That’s not all. Troll and Toad has a way of tracking goods throughout a journey. This way, you can be certain of the time an order leaves their facility and when it will get to you. Furthermore, Troll and Toad works with a Quality Assurance Team. This team always inspects whatever packages have been ordered. This way, there is a certainty that they have been very well processed and the likelihood of getting damaged goods is greatly reduced.

Gamers Can Also Sell to Troll and Toad

Troll and Toad is not into the gaming business just for the sole purpose of selling games. It is also into the gaming business to buy games from other gamers. The implication of this is customers do not have to visit Troll and Toad because they want to buy games, they can also visit to selloff games they don’t need anymore. One way to get good value for a game you want to dispose of is to sell it to Troll and Toad. The reason for this is simple. Troll and Toad has successfully created a hub where gamers can sell all sorts of old games. Beyond just selling these games without any struggle, gamers can be certain that they will get a good price for any game they sell at Troll and Toad.

How much do Clients have to pay for shipping?

The shipping rate attached to each delivery is dependent on the weight, as well as the size of the ordered items. Also, the location where the goods are to be delivered affects the price of shipping. To know the amount you have to pay for shipping, there are no complexities. All you need to do is select all the items you need and add them to a cart. Once done, move to checkout, after this, type in your address and click on the method of shipping that you are most convenient with. After doing all these, the amount you have to pay for shipping will be shown.

How long does one have to wait for an Order?

The time one has to wait for an order to arrive is a lot dependent on the distance between the point of delivery and Toll and Toad’s warehouse. Also, the means through which the delivery is made is very significant. If goods are shipped with the use of UPS, they can be traced as they make it through their journey. Also, they are delivered in a space of five days. Unlike deliveries made through UPS, those that are made with the use of USPS cannot be traced. Also, they are generally delivered within a shorter space of time. All things being equal, when goods are delivered through USPS, they are gotten between 1 to 3 days when the mail is a Priority Mail. Other services can take about 45 days before they get delivered.

Security Queue

TrollandToad makes use of security queue to ensure that every one that is involved in a transaction is protected. There have been instances where people made use of credit cards that do not belong to them to carry out transactions on Troll and Toad. So to ensure that the person making use of a credit card to order for goods is the actual owner of the credit card, Troll and Toad makes use of a security queue.

Can an Order be canceled?

If you change your mind mid-way into making an order, you can always cancel. To cancel an order, simply select “My Account”. Once done, go ahead and select “View Recent or Old Orders”. Doing this will help cancel an order. If you intend canceling an order but are not able to come across this alternative, there is no need to panic. All you need to do is get in touch with Troll and Toad and ask for a cancellation of your order. Once done, your order will be canceled if it is yet to be shipped.

Is It Possible to Get a Discount?

Troll and Toad offers discounts to its customers. However, for customers to get discounted services, they have to be on Troll and Toad’s mailing list. This mailing list is on the front page of Troll and Toad’s website. Customers of Troll and Toad’s mailing list will constantly get notifications of available coupon codes of all promotions. This includes current promotions, as well as upcoming promotions.

Can an Order be returned?

If an order must be returned, it has to be returned seven days after it was received. After seven days elapses, the product will no longer be eligible to be returned except as a product that is being sold.


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