Shadowrun Trolls Races, Female & Lifespan

The first time trolls were spotted was on the 30th of April 2021. They appeared after one out of every ten humans became either trolls of orcs. As the years went by, a lot of humans also became trolls or orcs as they got to puberty.

What are Trolls Like?

Averagely, trolls weigh 225 kg and have a height of nine feet and two inches. This makes the average troll a lot taller than the tallest human. Although trolls have an average height of nine feet and two inches, Shadowrun trolls and known to be about eight feet and two inches.

From their height and their weight, it is quite obvious that trolls are gigantic. While their gigantic appearance is one of the things that characterizes them, trolls have other glaring features. They have horns which are sometimes symmetrical and other times asymmetrical. They also have a high arm to leg ratio. Due to this arm to length ratio, melee combat is usually to their advantage.

Trolls are generally strong and virtually everything about them depicts strength. A common indication of how strong they are is the calcified dermal deposits which cover their skin. These calcified thermal deposits sometimes look like spines and have the effects of armor plates. Due to this dermal deposits, trolls have the ability to survive after undergoing great physical assault or trauma.

Although trolls are so strong that various types of physical trauma do them no serious harm, they do not live so long. Averagely, trolls live for about fifty years. While fifty is the average life expectancy for trolls, a change in environment and social conditions can affect this life expectancy.

Mental Trauma

As a metahuman race that evolved into trolls from originally being humans, a lot of trolls go through mental trauma. This mental trauma occurs in the process of their conversion from humans to trolls. And more often than not leads to psychosis. While this trauma is popular in trolls that were once humans, trolls that were never humans never go through this mental trauma.

Types of Trolls

There are various types of trolls. Popular among them are;

Rare Mediterranean troll, also known as Minotaurs.

Nordic trolls also are known as giants.

Irish Celtic trolls which are also called Fomori

One-eye Meditaranean trolls which are also called Cyclops

How HMHVV Infections affect Trolls

Trolls can be infected with HMHVV. What they become after this infection is dependent on the type of HMHVV that they are infected with. When trolls get infected with HMHVV-I, they end up being Dzoo-noo-qua. On the other hand, they end up as Fomóraig when they get infected with HMHVV-II. When trolls are infected with HMHVV-III, they end up as ghouls.

Game Details

Game statistics for third edition game;

-1 Quickness

+5 Body

+4 Strength

-2 Charisma

-2 Intelligence

Game statistics for fourth edition game;

To achieve the Shadowrun Troll Megabuild, 40 Build Points are needed. Together with this build points, the characteristic traits of Body and Strength start at five. The other six attributes which include Willpower, Logic, Charisma, Reaction, and Agility begin at 1.


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