Princess Poppy from Trolls Movie

Queen Poppy Troll makes an appearance in all Trolls episode and plays the role of the protagonist in the Christmas Special Trolls Holiday and Trolls and Trolls World Tour. In the movies, the character “Queen Poppy Troll” was voiced by Anna Kendrick. However, in the animated series, the voicing was done by Amanda Leighon

About Queen Poppy Troll

The character “Queen Poppy Troll” is quite naïve and tirelessly and endlessly excited. Throughout her lifetime, Queen Poppy has always been able to solve every challenge that she encounters either by singing, with a hug, or by dancing. However, she, alongside the Snack Pack is faced with a challenge that she considers the most daunting she would face in her lifetime. Unlike other challenges that she was able to overcome by simply singing or dancing, she makes lots of attempts at getting a remedy to this challenge. She finally finds out that the only way to overcome this particular challenge was to be herself.

Queen Poppy Troll’s Appearance

The 21-year-old Queen Poppy Troll has glitter freckles, rosy cheeks, and is light pink in complexion. Her hair stands upright and is also pink but darker than her body. Her pink complexion does not end with her skin and hair. Her nose and eyebrows are also dark pink. Although pink, Queen Poppy is not physically different from other trolls. On her palms and feet, she has four fingers each. Although she has more than one outfit, she is known for her blue dress which comes with a spade design. She also wears a head band which is green and decorated with blue flowers. That’s not all, she has a Hug Time bracelet which is purple and blue.

While Poppy’s hair is now long, it was not always long. When she was a child, her hair was short but the same color that it is now. Although the classic Queen Poppy Troll appearance is one that has a straight hair which shoots towards the sky, as the movie progresses, her hair is made into a ponytail and held by a hair tie.

Queen Poppy Troll’s Relationships

While Queen Poppy Troll is the major character in all the episodes she appeared in, there are supporting characters. And she has a relationship with all these characters. Below are some of the supporting characters in Christmas Special Trolls Holiday and the relationship they have with Queen Poppy Troll;


Branch is perhaps the character in this series that is most connected to Poppy. He can be said to be the exact opposite of Poppy. Queen Poppy is always happy and fun-loving while Branch prefers being all by himself and is never really happy. Although Branch has an interest in Poppy, it took him almost a lifetime to show his interest in her. She, on the other hand, kept sending him invites which she designed by herself for him to attend some parties with her. Although Branch does not honor the invites, he keeps all the invites and does not dispose of any of them. Just like she had always done, Poppy invites Branch out to her 20th birthday celebration. Just like other times, Branch refuses to show up.

The Bergens attack Poppy and she needs Branch’s help. He, however, was not available and she got burned. After getting burnt, she goes to his bunker to burn him. This way, she also successfully tricked him into going with her on a trip.

After tricking Branch, he agrees to go on a trip with Poppy. On the trip, she puts up a positive attitude. She even goes to the extent of singing to him at night. While on this journey, they run into some of their friends. One of them was eaten and in the process, Branch shows some emotion.

He comforts Creek. Still, on their journey, they met another friend, Bridget and decided they were going to help her. While they were still with Bridget, she starts crying and wants Branch to sing for her. He, however, refuses to do so and this gets Poppy agitated. While Poppy is still agitated, Branch made her know the reason he does not want to sing is his singing attracted some Bergens and that led to the death of his grandmother. She gets sympathetic and hugs him to comfort him.

Bridget is supposed to go on a date with King Gristle and as her friend, Poppy is aware and wants to give the king some compliments. She is, however, confused as she is not sure of any of the king’s strengths as far as his looks are concerned.

With Queen Poppy not knowing anything to tell King Gristle, Branch comes to her rescue and this is when he releases his emotions. The date Bridget has with King Gristle is successful and after it ends, Queen Poppy makes attempts at giving Branch a high-five. Instead of playing along, Branch keeps her hanging playfully. While Poppy was expected to get a little offended, she does not get offended. Rather, she is glad becomes Branch is finally getting out of his shell.

Creek cooks up an evil plan. The evil plan, however, gets exposed and on realizing Creek’s evil plan, Queen Poppy loses hope, as well as her color. To make her feel better, Branch decides to sing to her. He also makes her know that he loves her. Queen Poppy finds this to be interesting and it gets her color back. She is glad he sings to her and also sings back to him. In addition to singing back to him, she also is grateful to him for helping her color return.

In return, Branch is grateful to her for making him a happy person. As life goes on, Branch gets captured by Chef who tries to make King Gristle eat him by force. Before King Gristle goes on to eat Branch, Queen Poppy gets on the scene and saves him. After being saved by Poppy, Branch, as well as Queen Poppy start singing as they approach the Troll Tree. At the Troll Tree, King Peppy, Poppy’s father coronates her. After her coronation, she holds Branch’s hand and is lifted into the air by Smidge. In the air, Branch asks her to hug him. Although it was not yet Hug Time, to make it possible for her to hug him, she passes a degree that Hug Time is now all the time and then goes ahead to hug Branch.

Friends of Queen Poppy

While not so much attention is paid to Queen Poppy’s friends, she actually had a number of friends. Some of these friends include; Smidge, DJ Suki, Satin and Chenille, Bridget Biggie, Branch , Cooper, Karma, Guy Diamond, Prince Gristle, Aspen Heitz, Creek, Cookie Sugarloaf, Harper, Moxie Dewdrop, Mandy Sparkledust, Troll Child (Five). Troll Child (four), Troll Child (three), Troll Child (two), Troll Child ( one), Todd, Cad, Bibbly, and Cloud Guy.


Although most people in this series are Queen Poppy’s friends, she has some enemies. Some of her enemies do not remain enemies for too long while some others become her enemies after being her friend for a while.

King Peppy

King Peppy was the former ruler of the Trolls. He is also Queen Poppy’s father. King Peppy had a reputation for always telling the trolls to run away instead of trying to save them. This got Poppy Troll a little disappointed with him. While a lot of people expected her to take a drastic move that would not favor KING Peppy when she became Queen, she forgives him.


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