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Trolls are huge creatures that are characterized by clawed hands, tusked underbite, and rough green hide. While their physical attributes are enough to scare off people, their ability to regenerate damaged or injured body parts even make them more feared. So long damage to any part of a troll’s body is not inflicted by acid or fire, it can always regenerate such body part. The ability to generate body parts is so intense that a full-grown troll can develop from just a little piece of flesh.

What Do Trolls Look Like

 Averagely, male trolls weigh as much as 300 pounds and are as tall as 8 feet. This is indeed large. It, however, is not as large as the average female troll which weighs up to 500 pounds and can be as tall as 12 feet. Trolls are really tall. They, however, do not look as tall as they actually are because of the hump on their backs. They are green in color and the males usually have lighter shades than the females.

How do Trolls Live

In a troll society, it is the duty of the female trolls to raise the young ones. While raising young trolls, female trolls always have to chase off male trolls as these male trolls can feed on baby trolls. Male trolls and female trolls do not live together. Male trolls spend a lot of time in dark woods while females live in groups and are a lot more sociable than the males. In a group of female trolls, when a weakling is sported, such troll is either sent out of the group of killed.

It is the belief of the average troll that the demon lord Urxehl is its creator. The average troll also believes that its creator enjoys putting it through tests through the use of forest fires and storms.

There are certain trolls that have the power of divination. These trolls are called augurs and they see the future by plucking out their entrails and picking up omens from what they see.

Troll Society

Trolls can be spotted in northern Aiastan, as well as areas around the Inner Sea. While they can exist alone and separate from other creatures, trolls live together with other creatures in the realm of Irrisen. When they exist alongside other creatures, ice trolls are tasked with the responsibility of guiding Whitethrone.

Trolls are generally large and have the Golarion troll tribe as the biggest troll tribe. This pathfinder troll tribe have a female, Xelnud as their ruler and live in southern Vudra. Xelnud, the leader of the Golarion trolls sees herself as an agent of Urxehl, the demon lord that all trolls believe created them.

Different Types of Trolls

The various troll tribes should not be mistaken for the different types of troll. Some popular types of trolls are the moss troll which is like plants, rock troll which cannot cope in ample sunlight. When the intensity of the sun is high, this troll can become a stone. Other types of trolls are the ice troll and mountain trolls, etc. 

Trolls are generally regarded as being evil. The mountain troll, however, is not naturally evil.


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