Flowey Undertale – Omega Troll Face

Omega Flowey is also called Flowey X and Photoshop Flowey. He comes into existence after the taking in of six human souls by Flowey when a Neutral Route comes to an end. If a protagonist carries out a True Reset or has never defeated Omega Flowey, he plays the role of the ultimate antagonist of a route.

What Does Omega Flowey Look Like

Omega Flowey has a complex appearance which is a blend of human organs, machinery, and plant tissues which have the shape of a flower. Omega Flowey differs from every single character in the game because he is absolutely made of provided images.

At the middle of Omega Flowey’s body is a human face which is contorted. This contorted human face possesses a couple of mandibles at its bottom. Also, it has a TV monitor above it. This TV monitor is usually not bare. It is either it shows a white and black picture of a human face which appears to be yelling or it shows a pixel-perfect face which appears to be laughing. On this pixelated face is a large mouth with big teeth and sideways eyes that display green and red. When this human face on the TV monitor laughs, it appears like it finds its way out of the screen.

On the second row is a pair of eyeballs which float. Also, both sides of the main body contain pipes which are linked to long appendages which look like cactus. This appendages never seem to stop moving out of the body. That’s not all. The main body also has cacti which are covered with vine and have the shape of arms. These cacti possess three horns on both sides and these horns play the role of claws or fingers.

Major Story

As the battle of the Neutral Route with Asgore gets concluded, Flowey arrives on the scene and puts an end to the king of monsters who is already weak after having a dialogue with the protagonist. He does not stop at that, he goes on to get the bottled human SOULS which are six absorbed. This action makes him stronger. After doing this, he reiterates the line “it’s KILL or BE Killed.”

The game gets closed while Flowey is busy absorbing the souls. This, however, does not happen without him experiencing a great distortion on his face. The game gets reopened. This time, however, there is no scene depicting an introduction. Also, a Loox replaces the Boss Monster. That’s not all. As the game reopens, the text is displayed. Due to this, the sound of the typewriter is missing.

As the text gets displayed on the screen, the initial line seems put up in a jittery fashion. The second line is a display of “one day, the”. After this line, all other words which make up the sentence are put up at the same time. Also, the image gets corrupted after this. Furthermore, there is a window mode. In this mode, there is a change in the window title while the broken intro is on. The window title becomes lines of various numbers, as well as letters. This is followed by a bad sound which continues before “z” is pressed by the player.

At this point, the player of the game comes across the alternative of loading a SAVE of Flowey’s creation. Also, the window name becomes FloweyTale. If the player goes on to get the SAVE file loaded, this file will show a blank check screen name. At this point, it won’t be possible to restart the game. All a player will be able to do is select “continue”.

Still, in SAVE, the protagonist gets started in a dark void which appears like it has no end. However, a SAVE point appears as the protagonist moves towards the north. But as the protagonist makes attempts at interacting with the SAVE point, the SAVE file is canceled. That’s not all.

It also appears like the dialogue box has been hit by a strong force as it is continuously cracked. While the dialogue box is only found in the user interface, for a moment, it seems like it is the dialogue box can be found in the actual playing world. The next thing that happens is a burst of Flowey’s face. This face which is abnormally large finds its way out of the dialogue box. This is followed by Flowey mocking the protagonist for being of assistance to him while he damaged Agore’s SOUL. He also goes on to boasts that six human SOULs are now under his control.

Flowey makes it known that all he needs to become godlike is to absorb the soul of the protagonist. This will make it the seventh soul he will absorb. He also made it clear that if he is able to get this done, the “REAL meaning of the world” will be known by all. He does not stop at that. He also makes it clear that once he is able to do this, there will be no chance for the protagonist in this game to make use of the SAVE file to get to a previous part of this game. 

The next stage involves a battle between Omega Flowey and the protagonist. As this battle is on, “Your Best Nightmare” is played. This fight is one that involves the use of regular bullets and is not the same as other battles. The reason for the difference between this fight and previous battles is unlike other battles in which the protagonist had the option to making use of an item, fighting, acting or not showing mercy, these alternatives are not immediately accessed in this battle.

As the battle goes on, Omega Flowey attacks in various ways. The protagonist, however, is allowed to get help from other souls. He can do this by simply clicking on ACT buttons. At this move, the protagonist can get healed from any injuries as positive green bullets take the place of white bullets.

THE ENDPOINT is the soul plays a major role in helping the protagonist defeat Omega Flowey Troll Face as they leave him and get on the side of the protagonist. This leaves Omega Flowey vulnerable and plays a major role in his final loss.


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