Many of you would know Joe Rogan; he is a famous celebrity of modern times. Throughout his illustrious career, he has tested his fortune and skill in many work lines, and he has been quite successful in all. He has been a sought-after stand-up comedian and a highly-paid mixed martial arts commentator as well! But his most well-known venture to date would be his very own Podcast Show – The Joe Rogan Experience. In 2019, he was the highest-paid Podcaster in the world. The Joe Rogan Experience had more than 190 million downloads per month! Being such a popular celebrity, Joe Rogan has kept his personal life very healthy and low-key. Here we will be talking about Jessica Rogan, Joe Rogan’s wife; they have been happily married since 2009.


Jessica Ditzel was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States of America, to Robert Schimmel and Vicki Schimmel on June 28, 1978. Her father, Robert Schimmel, was a famous stand-up comedian and was known for his blue comedy; therefore, her being married to a comedian makes even more sense! There is a hypothesis concerning why she fell for Joe. Her dad was a comedian. Joe has been doing the same gig for some time. Possibly she appreciates men who can make her chuckle. Ever notice what number of ladies do in a general search for characteristics in a man suggestive of their dads? It’s not widespread, but rather it’s perceptible in no way different.

She is of mixed ethnicity but identifies herself as a native American. Jessica is a member of a vast family, being one of six siblings and the only sister! Sadly, at the age of eleven, she lost one of her brothers, Derek, to cancer.


When we look at Jessica’s education, it is not difficult to deduce that she was intelligent and dedicated as a student, studying and graduating from some of the top universities in the United States and that too in disciplines that are not a cakewalk.

Jessica went to California State University, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s qualification in Arts and Technical Theatre, yet later continued to the University of Arizona. She got her second four-year certification in Psychology and Molecular & Cellular Biology.


Jessica has had an unusual career trajectory. She always dreamed of becoming a part of the film industry, but she had to follow a very long and challenging path to get there. At one point in her life, she also worked as a cocktail waitress.

Today, Jessica is a successful TV producer and is well-known for her work on television, stand-up shows, documentaries, and even films. She lends support to her husband in his ventures, and together they work even better.

Before her present career, she has also worked as a model. She invested some time and energy modeling for a Korean agency called Wholesome. She worked for various brands throughout the long term and showed up in numerous missions and brand supports; however, her modeling career came to a close even though she never hoped for the same.
Jessica was also professionally affiliated with Volvo Motorsports as a product analyst. Product analysts make a reasonable sum of money, but Volvo is an automotive behemoth; it holds them in even higher regard.

Jessica is a hardworking and ambitious woman, and she has created an individual identity for herself in the Film and TV industry. She is in a respectable position in the industry. Today, Jessica is known for her own merits and achievements rather than as the wife of Joe Rogan.


Joe and Jessica Rogan’s relationship is sporadic. Never has there been any news of a fallout, clash, or controversy between the two love birds; even if a glint of something like this were to happen, then news stations and gossip segments would get on it as a general rule. Joe doesn’t generally discuss his own life all that much. Jessica appears to regard his silence; therefore, it’s unknown how exactly they met or what occurred, yet what is clear is that they’re exceptionally content and consistently ideal to see. From what is known, they met sometime in 2008, probably when Jessica was a cocktail waitress. Later that year, Jessica gave birth to their first child, and in 2009, they got married. The couple later invited their second little girl Rosy in 2010, a year after their wedding. They seem to be a happy and wholesome couple.

Jessica and Joe have three girls, two (Lola Rogan and Rosy Rogan) and one (Kayja Nichole Connor) from Jessica’s past relationship with the late Canadian artist, Keven Dino. She raised Kayja as a single parent until she wedded Joe in 2009 when he legitimately accepted her. Jessica’s eldest girl Kayja is in her 20s. No doubt, she and Joe get along quite well, which is blessed since most children despise their step-parent to make it clear to them that they can’t replace their birth parent. However, from all reports, both of them gel quite well. Such a family structure is both rare and beautiful. They seem to be a very complete and ideal family.

Her net worth isn’t generally known, yet she gets by since she is esteemed at a pretty high number the extent that her value goes. To be given that sort of regard is something that many individuals wish for since it implies that you’ve become a big shot. Jessica has amassed a decent lump of cash all alone in terms of total assets. Joe’s is significantly more since he is known to be worth around $25 million. Their combined fortunes have allowed them to lead a genuinely comfortable way of life with delightful and lovely children.

Despite being married to a huge celebrity, Jessica has put forth attempts to keep her non-work life as low-key as could be expected under the circumstances. Her Instagram is additionally at present set to private.

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