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If you have a Tumblr account, there is going to be a really good chance that you have heard of the Troll Call, which was a weekly event by Hiveswap, where there would be a brand new pair of different and new canonical Hiveswap trolls that would be revealed.  These two new trolls would normally be revealed on Wednesdays at roughly 20:00 CET on the Tumblr account known as What Pumpkin, as well as on a tracker that was solely dedicated which was on

The entire point of this type of special release every single week was in order to build-up the hype for what was going to be a planned release for the Spring of 2018, that release being Hiveswap: Act 2.  In fact, Troll Call was actually originally announced and then debuted during November 11th of 2017 through the very popular What Pumpkin Tumblr account, which would reveal the very first release of the first two different Troll Call trolls, who ended up being none other than Tyzias Entykk and Zebede Tongva. 

The very last two trolls to be revealed would end up being announced on March 14th of 2018, and they would be Remele Nammaq and Lanque Bombyx, being exposed exactly 6 months after the original release of that was done on September 14th of 2017 and was more commonly known as Hiveswap: Act 1.  While this was officially the end of the Troll Call, the Tumblr group What Pumpkin did int that there may, in fact, be another event to that would eventually return sometime in the near future and that all of the followers were simply going to need to wait and see what transpired.  While this is not a definitive clue that the Troll Call would start back up, it did leave many followers hopeful that there would be a future Troll Call that would introduce some of the Seadwellers who were not necessarily recognized during the first initial run.

Originally consisting of an image that consisted of 36 total ‘troll cards’ in all, the Troll Call tracker was originally supposed to contain the image of each of the different Troll Call trolls through their silhouette, each card also containing special details and even links to certain other information about the troll that each card represented, those trolls being exposed as the cards were revealed every week. 

All 36 silhouettes that were on the troll cards were supposed to represent a total of 38 Troll Call trolls, that number being 37 if you were to count the Soleil twins as one single troll, that would end up being revealed in total (the two cards that would count as a single card would include the Soleil twins, as well as Folykl and Kuprum). What makes the troll cards that much more exciting, was the fact that after each troll was revealed, that person would eventually go on to become featured in the volumes of the Hiveswap Friendsim, where they would continue to build upon their particular character, helping to give them a much greater spotlight. 

While originally the bullet points that were used with the troll cards did not really influence many of the trolls once they were in the Friendsim volumes, on December 6th of 2018, the original tracker would be overhauled and would start to include many more bullet points that would be much more accurate about each of the different trolls, as well as to highlight all of their Friendism volumes.  As if that weren’t enough, this very same update would also be the update that would help reveal some of the signs of the few different trolls who did not necessarily have a sign leading up to that particular point in time.

Every single one of the Troll Call trolls bear symbols were originally taken from what is known as the Alternian Library and consist of different signs that are related to the extended zodiac.  All of the information that you will need to know about any of the sign names that include Aspect and Lunar Sway are going to be provided to you through the official Hiveswap website and its section that has been solely dedicated to the Extended Zodiac.  As the Hauntswitch and Hiveswap games are not really believed to be directly related to The Game, just about any information that is in regard to lunar sway and aspects is more than likely not going to really be very relevant to Hiveswap itself. 

Trolls Demographic and Statistics

The Troll Call was unique in the sense that it was able to introduce a total of 38 different Alternian trolls from the Hiveswap and Homestuck universe.  This was a very much expanded number of trolls from the number of trolls that were originally named, and their characteristics known. Two of the trolls, Baizli and Barzum Soleil, actually represent a very unique situation as they shared two separate bodies, but only shared one mind, which many would say actually meant that there were only a total of 37 different individual trolls as opposed to the 38 that was originally advertised.

Of all the trolls that were revealed, there would be a total of fifteen male trolls and twenty-one female trolls, with two trolls being addressed as being gender-neutral.  While the gender totals are not able to be directly related to the actual trolls, the names of the trolls are not going to necessarily be an accurate indicator of that trolls’ particular gender. 

Case in point, Cirava and Charun were confirmed to be the two gender neutral trolls, they have also been confirmed as non-binary, while one of the other trolls named Lanque, was eventually confirmed to be a transgender troll.  It is going to be these three different trolls that represent the very first examples of transgender and non-binary individuals within the Alternian culture, as well as Lanque, which is actually the very first completely transgender character within the Hiveswap and Homestuck canon.  This is part of the reason that the Hiveswap Troll Call has been able to grow to such a large popularity in such a short amount of time.


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