Anson Mount’s Wife – Darah Trang Wiki (Age, Net Worth, Wedding & More)

Darah Trang is a Canadian lady is primarily known due to her marriage to Anson Mount, a Hollywood star. Anson Adams Mount IV is an American film actor. Anson Mount has a height of 1.83 meters and a net worth of $3 million. In the western drama series Hell on Wheels aired on AMC, he is known for his television roles as Cullen Bohannon, the Marvel Comics superhero Black Bolt in Marvel’s Inhumans, and Captain Christopher Pike in Star Trek: Discovery.

Darah Trang – Background

Darah was born in Alberta, Canada, in the town of St Paul. She studied art at the College of Art and Design in Alberta, then moved to New York City’s School of Visual Arts, where she earned a BFA.

In 2011, Anson and Darah met and began dating. They dated on June 8, 2017, for almost six years and were then engaged. A few months later, on February 20, 2018, they got married.

Height: 5′ 4

Weight: 50-70 Kg

Colour of Eyes: Brown

Colour of Hair: Black

She’s got black hair and brown eyes, and her facial beauty, to sum up.

Darah Trang – Career

Trang served as a financial officer for various Canadian corporations during her early years as a young adult. She then began her career at the Academy Group of Companies, a pipe manufacturing company, from 2008 to 2013, where she worked for five years. Trang then moved to work in the finance department at LaPraire Crane and Northland Fleet. She then quit her job in the United States to indulge in photography, where she collaborated for modeling agencies, wedding ceremonies, and others.

From her photography work, she receives over $60,000 annually. Her net worth is between $500,000 and $1 million, while her husband, Anson Mount, has a whopping $3 million.

Darah Trang – Relationship with Anson Mount

In Brooklyn, where they currently live, Anson Mount and Darah Trang talk about their love; their relationship began in 2011. After six years of involvement, the two agreed to tie the knot and have a lovely ceremony in 2018. The pair have a happy and quiet life and keep their personal lives hidden from the public’s eyes. There is no child in their marriage, but the two adopted three dogs, Mac, Jax, and Betty Lou.

Darah Trang stays far away from social networks. She cares for her private life very much. She was accessible on Twitter and Facebook, but the operation of the account was in 2017.

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