Troll With Green Thumb – Troll in Central Park

A Troll in Central Park is an American animated film that blends the comedy, fantasy, and musical genres. Directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, it was released on October 7, 1994, by Warner Bros. Pictures. In some countries, A Troll in Central Park was released as Stanley’s Magic Garden.

Let us find out more about this movie below.

Main Characters

The following characters are central to the plot of A Troll in Central Park:

  • Stanley A troll with a magical green thumb, Stanley has the ability to revive plants and flowers with just his touch. The use of his miraculous ability, though, is under strict prohibition in the Kingdom of Trolls, where Stanley comes from.
  • Queen Gnorga Cold and merciless, Gnorga is the queen of trolls and the spouse of King Llort in the Kingdom of Trolls. Gnorga is capable of casting evil spells and has the power to turn others into stones using her dark thumb.
  • King Llort As the spouse and the consort of Queen Gnorga, King Llort is reigning over the Kingdom of Trolls as well. Compared to Gnorga, Llort tends to rule in a much kinder fashion, using his position to soften Gnorga’s vicious orders.
  • Rosie Playful and outgoing, Rosie is the little sister of Gus. Being naturally sweet and sympathetic, Rosie befriends Stanley even though he is a troll. Despite her being an adorable toddler, Rosie is clever and courageous, and puts others before herself.
  • Gus Rosie’s older brother, Gus is obstinate and short-tempered. Even though he is sarcastic and appears self-absorbed, Gus has a good heart and is protective of his little sister. Used to having his way in everything, Gus is daring and determined.

Thus, A Troll in Central Park has two main settings. Partly, the film is set in Central Park, Manhattan, New York City. And partly, in the fictional Kingdom of Trolls.

A Troll in Central Park Plot

After Stanley is seen using his ability in the Kingdom of Trolls, he is arrested and brought to Queen Gnorga. Concluding that Stanley undermines the reputation of trolls everywhere, Gnorga almost turns him into a stone. But King Llort intervenes and banishes Stanley to NYC instead.

In NYC, Stanley goes through a series of misfortunes, winding up in Central Park. The day after, Gus and Rosie go to Central Park in secret. As Rosie plays with and follows a butterfly, she ends up discovering Stanley and befriending him.

Wondering where his little sister is, Gus follows Rosie and has his toy boat destroyed in the process by accident. Finding Rosie with Stanley and his team of talking flowers, Gus tries to make his little sister go back home. Gus and Stanley argue and struggle, causing Rosie to cry.

The three quickly come to terms, though, as Queen Gnorga discovers Stanley and starts casting evil spells to destroy him. After Stanley saves himself and the siblings, Gnorga and Llort decide to abduct the kids to lure Stanley to them. Gnorga manages to kidnap Rosie, but fails to catch Gus.

Gus and Stanley face Gnorga and Llort to rescue Rosie. During the fight, Gnorga transforms Gus to troll and pushes Rosie into a chasm. After Stanley challenges Gnorga, he manages to defeat her and save Rosie. But before the three escape, Gnorga uses Gus’ thumb to transform Stanley to stone.

Before Stanley turns into a stone, though, he uses his power to turn Gnorga into a rose bush. Once powerless, Gnorga is overthrown in the Kingdom of Trolls, with King Llort becoming its new kinder ruler.

Gus uses his green thumb to bring Stanley to life. Stanley stays in Central Park, reviving it and covering the entire Manhattan with flowers and vegetation.

Troll in Central Park Cast

The following talents performed as the main characters in A Troll in Central Park:

  • Dom DeLuise (Stanley).
  • Chloris Leachman (Queen Gnorga).
  • Charles Nelson Reilly (King Llort).
  • Phillip Glasser (Gus).
  • Tawny Sunshine Glover (Rosie).

Despite the interesting plot and the talented cast, the film wasn’t a huge success.


The release of A Troll in Central Park took place with minimal corresponding promotion. At the same time, Warner Bros. Pictures showed very little confidence in the film. As a result, A Troll in Central Park grossed only $71,368 in North America.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a modest rating of 17%. And TV Guide gave A Troll in Central Park only 2 out of 5 stars, calling the film very age-limited.


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