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If Adam and Eve Were White and Evolution Doesn’t Exist, then How Are There Black People?, Micro-evolution Exists.
  1. Edward Wong says:
    Evolution is wrong, a false teaching and a lie without any shred of evidence to prove that it exist. It is the Godless Atheists' attempt at explanation of the origin of Life. Macro and micro evolution are the same nonsense only differentiated by the time treatment of each. 8 people came out of Noah's Ark spawned 4 Races of people: Red, Yellow Black and White. Black people descended from one of Noah's son, Ham. Charles Darwin was a racist and sexist. He believed that the Black man was inferior to a White man and that man was superior to woman. Darwin was completely wrong and false. Adam and Eve sinned against God and Death is the punishment for sin. We all die because of Adam and Eve's sin. We will have eternal life with God in Heaven through the belief in God's son, Jesus Christ. Evolution is the work of Satan who denies God as the Creator. Believe in evolution will damn you to the wrath of God and the punishment of hell fire. Evolution is wrong, false and a lie. Believe in the powers of God's creativity and reject Satan's works, especially evolution. Human beings are special God's creation created below angels and above all other animals. Only the Greek Philosophers thought that humans came from apes and didn't believed God created them. Do not believe in a big lie like evolution.
    May 19th, 2014 at 10:12 pm
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